How Huntik was before

I’ve always been a fan of the Rainbow SpA (that’s the company that has made animation series like Winx Club and Huntik, for more info go to:
But anyways, when I was looking for some information about the Rainbow SpA I found that they were making another co-production called Huntik.
All I could finde about Huntik were a few pics:

As you can see there is nothing odd about Lok and Sophie, but you can’t say the same about Zhalia and Dante….

When I visited that site were I had found those pics a few weeks before, the site was completly different, and so were the hair colours of Dante and Zhalia….

The haircolours weren’t the only thing that they had changed….
The way Caliban and Breaker were sumoned had changed too, not to mencion that drawing style had chanced too….basicly everything had changed….

This is how Caliban was invoked before

My only question was: Why had they changed almost everyting about Huntik?

Here you can see more changes they’ve made:
Huntik before and now