Huntik season 2 Airdate

Huntik season 2
We’ve all been waiting impatiently for the second season of Huntik to air.
But so far the air date remains the biggest mistery the Huntik fans have yet to face…
Previous “air dates” include: start of Fall 2010, end of Fall 2010, December 2010, and January 2011.
However, the official Huntik page ( ) tells us Huntik will air on the 17TH of september 2011.



“Excellent, I think you’ll do quite well, in the Organisation”
– DeFoe talking to Grier in “A seeker is born”.

Grier takes down DeFoe

When I first saw Grier, I thought of him as a soldier-like guy. But now I think of him as…..well actually, I still think of him as a soldier-like guy xD.

Anyways, at the beginning I thought that he was more like a pacifistic nice soldier-like guy, with a blind loyality who doesn’t hurt a fly (except if its name is Dante Vale).
But after he finished DeFoe at the end of episode 11 just for a promotion, I thought that maybe he wasn’t that nice after all….
Although I understand his motive for taking down DeFoe, doesn’t that make him as bad all the other guys of the Organization?

And DeFoe was really beginning to get really crazy/wierd at the end of episode 10.
And Grier needed the promotion, because that would enable him to regain Sutos, his birthland. So at least he finished DeFoe for an honest ideal.

But I still think that Grier killing DeFoe was a downer, because Grier seems a man who carries himself with a subtle nobility and wants to bring order and peace to the world and the word ‘murderer’ just doesn’t suit him, don’t you guys think?

Zhalia and Klaus

Have you guys seen, episode 17. The Vamipre loses its fangs?
Well if you have, I’m sure that you guys have seen how Klaus orders Zhalia to get rid of the Huntik team, forcing her to choose between the Organization and the Foundation.
And I’m sure that you can remember how Zhalia traped Sophie and Lok, and how she finally chose to finish Klaus instead of Dante.
And I mean, like, it’s obious that Klaus was an evil guy, but he still was her adoptive father. And she killed him…..
Just after she told Dante that Klaus was like a father to her and after Klaus told her she was like a daughter to him…..
I was totally surprised, cause even though I didn’t like Klaus, I fellt totally shocked when Zhalia killed Klaus. Cause I wouldn’t ever kill my father even if he wouldn’t be my real father.
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What would you do if you were Zhalia? Would you kill Klaus/Dante or would you find another way to resolve your problem?
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Dantes girlfriends - Customize and Share your images
Dante and Zhalia are in love with each other. I guess we all know that after episode 17 The Vampire loses its fangs.
But have you guys noticed that Zhalia wasn’t the only girl that fell in love with him?
Sophie was the first girl that loved Dante, although he didn’t love her.

Than there is Scarlet. I guess that wasn’t real love either, but she sure gave Zhalia a hard time….

And finally there is Madea. I know what you are thinking, Madea wasn’t even a real woman she was a titan but still, did you see how Dante was acting when he first saw her?

The only thing which I think is kinda strange is that he doesn’t do anything to stop them. I mean if he loved Zhalia from the beginning why didn’t he tell Scarlet to back off or anything?
Maybe he just didn´t love Zhalia from the beginning…
But at least he does now!! Although he never has said so, right?

Anyways, who do you think is the best Huntik couple?
Comment here and let me know!!!

How Huntik was before

I’ve always been a fan of the Rainbow SpA (that’s the company that has made animation series like Winx Club and Huntik, for more info go to:
But anyways, when I was looking for some information about the Rainbow SpA I found that they were making another co-production called Huntik.
All I could finde about Huntik were a few pics:

As you can see there is nothing odd about Lok and Sophie, but you can’t say the same about Zhalia and Dante….

When I visited that site were I had found those pics a few weeks before, the site was completly different, and so were the hair colours of Dante and Zhalia….

The haircolours weren’t the only thing that they had changed….
The way Caliban and Breaker were sumoned had changed too, not to mencion that drawing style had chanced too….basicly everything had changed….

This is how Caliban was invoked before

My only question was: Why had they changed almost everyting about Huntik?

Here you can see more changes they’ve made:
Huntik before and now

Zhalias past

In chapter 11 a beautiful trap when Zhalia fights against a the Source (that’s the rock that makes all the illusions), we see a flashback of her when she was a girl. She was left on the streets to die without anything to eat.

In chapter 16 The bookshop hunter we see two flashes of Zhalia Moon and Klaus. In one when they’re walking in the park
And anotherone when Klaus reads Zhalia a story while she’s in bed. Zhalia doesn’t seem as ols as she was in episode 11.

Even in the flasbacks in chapter 17 The vampire loses its fangs she seems a little child when Klaus found her.
How could she be found when she was just a little girl and be on the streets when she was like 10/11 years old?
Was it just an animation error? Or did Klaus dump her on the streets again?

About Huntik


Huntik is created and is directed by legendary Italian animator Iginio Straffi, who also created The Winx Club. Huntik is an animated series which Big Bocca – an Irish-based entertainment production and licensing company who specialize in bringing top notch animation programs to the world – is co-producing with Rainbow SpA of Italy.

Huntik made its debut at the MIPCOM show in Cannes last October and will debut on television around the world in Spring, 2008.

The launch of the first Huntik animated series of 26 episodes for television networks is forecast for 2008. The Group intends to commercialise Huntik in the TV-Cinema channel and in merchandising, as well as realizing publications based on Huntik characters.